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Elasticity and Fracture Mechanics

  • Handwritten Lecture Notes
  1. Elasticity and Airy Stress Function: >download
  2. Stress Intensity Factors and Modes: >download
  3. Minimum Potential Energy Theorems: >download
  4. Energy Release Rate: >download
  5. The J-integral: >download

  • Important Journal Papers
  1. Rice and Drucker, 1967. Energy Changes in Stressed Bodies due to void and crack growth, Int. J. Fract. Mech, 3, p. 19-27: >download
  2. Rice, 1968. A path independent integral and the approximate analysis of strain concentration by notches and cracks, J. Appl. Mech, 35, p. 379-386: >download


Numerical Methods

MEC 581, Ecole Polytechnique

Projects in Structural and Fluid Mechanics

COMMAS Summer school, Stuttgart, Germany

Theoretical, numerical and experimental investigations of active magneto- and electro-elastic materials

  • The course material can be downloaded here >download (passwd protected)
  • Visit the website for more info here

| Master Magis | MEC 581 | COMMAS Summer School |